GriftCoin is a grift coin.

We offer users a fully operational long-term, short-term, and mid-term platform. It leverages blockchain technology to ensure a seamless, high-touch experience with the ironclad security guarantees you've come to love and expect. Get on GriftCoin today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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The most beloved cryptocurrency

GriftCoin is really a grift ecosystem. Grifters can buy the token to get rich quick, convince others to buy the tokens to get rich quicker, and purchase rare NFTs (GriftGarf™) to get rich quickest.


Secure storage

GriftCoin is implemented using blockchain technology, so rest assured your data is secure.



The GriftCoin smart contract is available to all, immutably living on the blockchain itself.


Industry best practices

Cryptogrifts have been around as long as crypto itself, and we've distilled the best and essential elements into our internal operating procedures.

How to Buy and Sell GriftCoin

One word: Pancakeswap

More words:
(1) Add your wallet to Pancakeswap.
(2) In the exchange “To” field, make sure to select GRIFT.
(3) If you don't see the token you can add it by pasting its address: 0x4dE18A11e4b39d0648Fd8ed7C983d7F0545891f5
(4) Don't worry about the warnings, you know what you're doing!


Bank Transfers

Hell yeah we'll take money out of your bank!


Online Wallets

Get yourself a Metamask and donate


Cash Payment

They say cash is king, but we all know GriftCoin is GriftKing


Debit/Credit Cards

Almost as good as a bank account in our opinion

Detailed Wallet Instructions

If you haven't set up a crypto wallet before, it is a long and arduous process.
If you have set up a wallet before, connecting to Binance is a long and arduous process.
Let us guide you through this long and arduous process.

Our recommended wallet software is MetaMask, available as a browser extension and smartphone app. MetaMask runs on the Ethereum chain by default. We're truly sorry that you need to know the differences between chains, a deeply regrettable situation.
Once downloaded and set up, you'll be presented with your 12-word pass-phrase and prompted to enter a password. Keep these both safe and do not hand them out to anyone, even if they ask nicely. This is how you end up morosely tweeting "all my apes gone".

Although GRIFT can be found across the entire cryptocurrency world, your next step is to tell MetaMask to look at the Binance Smart Chain network. These instructions tell you how to add the Binance network to MetaMask. This is confusing and rife with potential error but make sure to add the main network to MetaMask, not the test network.

Once you've successfully connected to Binance (make sure it is the currently-selected network, displayed at the top of the MetaMask screen), you'll need to tell MetaMask that you want to track your GRIFT balance by importing the token. At the bottom of MetaMask you'll find a link titled "Import Tokens", and you will need to paste in the GriftCoin contract address, which is 0x4dE18A11e4b39d0648Fd8ed7C983d7F0545891f5. Upon doing so, MetaMask will retrieve the token ticker (GRIFT) and, once you save, display your shiny new balance.

You deserve a reward for your hard work! DM us on Facebook or send us an email and we'll get you started out right, with a sweet sweet airdrop of 500,000 GRIFT on us.

Get In On The Ground Floor

There are no two ways about it: GriftCoin is extremely affordable—for now. This is your opportunity to make it big by making GriftCoin your own.


Create Account

GriftCoin is available on PancakeSwap so head over and make that account


Built on Binance

GriftCoin takes advantage of the Binance blockchain, renowned by enthusiasts and developers the world over


Start Making Money

Join the grift and watch that balance grow!



GriftCoin tweets are works of art—and now you can own them

Tweets immortalized in comic trappings. Browse the GriftGarf™ gallery and pick one up; it will undoubtedly be worth more than your wildest dreams in a stunningly short time. Keep an eye out for hyper-collectible framed pieces—these special rarities occur when GriftCoin replies to a Tweet which is later subject to the coward's delete. Infrequent as they are, these works enjoy immense demand, and command high prices.


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Start Time

July 30,2021 (10:00 GMT)

Tokens for sale

900,000 ICC (9%)

Acceptable Currency


End Time

Oct 30,2021 (10:00 GMT)

Soft Cops

$90 M

Exchange rate

1 BTC = 1940 ICC

Available Token

$100 M

Minimal Transction


Token Management

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Token Distribution

Fund Distribution


There's a famous story about a woman who approached Picasso at a restaurant, asked him to sketch something on a napkin for her, and offered to pay whatever he felt it was worth. Picasso happily complied, then told her “That will be $10,000.”

Surprised, the woman said “But that only took you five minutes!” to which Picasso replied “No—it has taken my entire life.”

From the roadmap below it may look as though GriftCoin was rushed to market, indeed, that may even be the truth. But the deeper truth is that it has been in formulation for our entire lives, and only now has the time been right.

Project Idea - November 1, 2021

"Does GriftCoin exist," our founder wonders aloud

Business Conception - November 3, 2021

Wasting no time, our founder proceeds to brainstorm business proposals with trusted confidants, arriving at an airtight plan a mere 48 hours later

GriftGarf™ 0 - November 10, 2021

The first (some say best, but we'll let you be the judge of that) GriftGarf is painstakingly and immutably hand-minted on the blockchain

GRIFT is born - November 17, 2021

A new era dawns. The GRIFT token is launched and the blockchain—verifiably—will never be the same

GRIFT comes of age - November 17, 2021

Vitalik Buterin proudly accepts our 250,000,000,000,000 GRIFT tribute

Token Sale and Marketing - November 17, 2021

GriftCoin triumphantly enters the PancakeSwap marketplace

Keep going - Dec, 2021 and beyond

GriftCoin's spirit is unstoppable and cannot be stopped. It, and others like it, will persevere until the last lonely blockchain node has fried its GPU hashing nonces

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We offers users a fully operational long-term rental platform. It plans to leverages blockchain technology to ensure seamless rental experience and wants to help tenants unfreeze millions of dollars tied up in rental.

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Meet our Professionals

GriftCoin wouldn't be where it is today without our crack team of highly-skilled professionals.


Kenneth Braino

Chief Executive Officer

Diego Siegwald

Coin Executive Officer

Qasim Leiby

Senior Grifter

Fiona Braunger

Junior Grifter

Lynette Rue

Crypto Developer

Hugh Liddell


Board Advisors

GriftCoin is #blessed to be able to draw on the wisdom of a board representing over 50,000 years of cryptocurrency experience.


Rey McSriff

MLBPA President

Willie Dustice

Existing Person

Parles Chonzi

Legendary Grifter

Bobson Dugnutt

Crypto God

Partners & Supporters

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't think you totally understand cryptocurrency, fear not! Nobody does. The only knowable fact in the space is that you should invest in some GriftCoin.

Like Zombocom, cryptocurrency means many things to many people, but we think Twitter user @Theophite put it best: “imagine if keeping your car idling 24/7 produced solved Sudokus you could trade for heroin

Most experts agree that GriftCoin is probably your best bet, especially while it's so damn cheap. But it is important to diversify, which is why they also recommend investing some of your portfolio (probably no more than 75%) in GriftGarf™ NFTs. GriftCoin is fortunate to have some of the world's experts serving as developers and board members: faces you've seen and trust. They're all in—shouldn't you be?

It's common knowledge that you need to spend money to make money. Nowhere is that more true than in the world of cryptocurrency, where your options are either to resurrect an environmentally catastrophic fossil fuel plant to mine fake money or buy Ethereum by sending your debit card and/or bank account information to websites of dubious integrity. Once you have ETH, the world is your ETHster.

Don't worry too much about this one - you'll enjoy owning GriftCoin so much you'll never want to sell it!

GriftCoin is an all-wheel-drive heavy-duty investment vehicle. Speculation is the name of the game!
Alternatively, GriftCoin can be redeemed for indoctrination at the University of Austin.

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In the News

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